Facebook identity theft fears, 4 in 10 give away info

Four in ten users are happily divulging private data to strangers on Facebook, according to a recent experiment by security firm Sophos.

Nothing particularly grabbing about that bit of news, as we're bombarded by horror stories on a daily basis surrounding identity fraud, cyber crime and phishing scams.

What is surprising is that of the 200 friend requests sent out by Freddi Staur (the made up Facebook user which, at the time of writing, WebTwitcher tried to befriend but couldn't find on Facebook at all) 82 users handed over personal details with 72% of those targeted divulging one or more email addresses and a horrifying 78% giving away their current address. 23% even revealed their home telephone number.

What's going on people? Just because it's Facebook it doesn't mean you're in a walled garden of "in the know" privileged users. It's not a private club, it's the web. Read more on WebUser.


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