Facebook finally proves useful

Apparently, researchers in the US are finding Facebook offers a mine of information about relationships. However, if they’re looking at any of the profiles that we’ve seen recently, they’re not in for any astounding revelations just yet.

We’re wondering just how much insight into the sensitive nature of human relationships can be gleaned from analysing Facebook profiles. Call us cynics, but one probably doesn’t have to be Freud to get to the bottom of the psyches of Fb’s twenty-something fan-base and their Christmas photo galleries of reindeer-posing pouches, bunny-girl outfits and relationship statuses set permanently to “it’s complicated”.

Nevertheless, a valuable insight which has come out of this research is, apparently, that people tend to like to hang out with people who have things in common. Well, you could have knocked us down with a feather. What’s depressing is that Fb shows us just how true it is that nothing unites us as much as a good old whinge about trivia. The hundreds of thousands of people who have joined the group “people who always have to spell out their name for others” is testimony enough “She wrote it with a K? You’ve got to be KIDDING!” Insightful stuff indeed.

(Image: from luc legay’s flickr stream)

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