Facebook films

Some people lives appear to revolve around Facebook: we can barely move on the site for people having conversations that they could be having either on their phones (that’s what all those free minutes and texts are for, people) or in their private messages. Sooner or later people are going to be living their entire lives on the site, you know.

Anyway, Warner Bros. appear to be aware of just how house bound our feckless generation is, and have decided to launch a film renting service Stateside through the social networking site: for 30 Facebook credits you (if you were a yank) too could rent, for instance, The Dark Knight and watch it through the site.

Why you’d do that when there’s Netflix and Amazon out there we’re not sure, and neither can we fathom why you’d want to watch films on your laptop instead of your telly. We can only assume that Warner reckon they can wangle some extra cash out of those addicted to Facebook; and they’re probably right.

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