Facebook email?

Facebook have sent out invites to their latest Facebook event, and while they’ve not announced anything specific, it looks very much like they’re due to announce a brand new email service for the social networking site.

Privately it’s been called Project Titan, and has been referred to by people in the know as the ‘Gmail killer’, and now sources close to the project have told respected tech site TechCrunch that users will soon be able to utilise @facebook.com email addresses. The invites for the event – In San Francisco, of course – have gone out in a letter shape, with speech bubbles in the design. Subtle.

They say that they are building ‘a fully-fledged webmail client’, which would certainly be a serious challenge to the likes of Gmail, and even more so to standard clients like Thunderbird and Outlook Express. We shall see come Monday, when the world’s Tech press will descend on Mark Zuckerberg’s latest grand idea.

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