Facebook ‘delete account’ button

Facebook reached another landmark recently, officially adding its 500millionth account which means that an incredible one out of every 13 people on the planet waste time on the social networking website.

Although the love for Facebook shows no signs of slowing up one the biggest public pleas is for opposite – the ability to be able to delete accounts. That is until now. In a rare bought of ‘we’ll listen to our customers’ Facebook have just added a ‘delete account’ button.

Currently the only way to delete you account is to send the powers that be grovelling emails who, after they make you feel like another number in half a billion will wind down your account two weeks later. But now, if you go into your account settings as if by magic a ‘delete account’ button has appeared, which does exactly what its says on the tin.

Or of course, you could just not login again.

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