Use Facebook cheats for likes

If you love social media, then you must be one of the millions of Facebook users. Whether you are connecting with friends and family or promoting your business and services, Facebook is a useful website that can help you achieve this purpose. We tell you how to increase your visibility or popularity by using Facebook cheats for likes.


There are some Facebook cheats for likes that could give your personal page the boost it needs. Whether you are on Facebook to improve exposure of a business or simply reach out to friends and family, these methods of getting Facebook likes are easy and will work wonderfully:

  • Use apps

Apps are the most popular ways to get Facebook likes. A good example of this app is Like to Download.The way it works is you use tokens in the app and of course allow the app to change your settings. The downside to using apps for automatic cheat likes is that it does it automatically so it does not matter if you like a picture or not. It will naturally like anything which is a disadvantage.

  • Update settings

One of the first things to get fellow users to like your post and photos is to make sure your profile is visible to them. To do this, simply go to your account settings and enable followers and like buttons. Under privacy settings, you should also allow public visibility to ensure anyone can look you up and follow you. Remember making sure your account and privacy settings are public not only ensures Facebook users find you. Search engines will also return a set of queries with your FB page in it.

  • Use tokens

After you have manipulated your privacy settings so you are visible to friends, family and potential likers, get a token which you can use on sites where you can post the pages or photos that you want to attract likers.

Other sites

There are also other social media sites where you can use Facebook cheats for likes. Like4like is an example where you can increase the number of likes on your page. Sign up on the page and manage the social media sites which you want added to your account. Simply fill the url and the link description and voila, you are all set to get more Facebook likes.

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