Facebook bug alert!

If you're the type of person who confines e-cards to the trash before even opening them, you could be saving yourself a huge headache this Christmas. A virulent worm has been released which infects social networking sites and cedes control of users' PCs to the attackers.

According to SkyNews, the most targeted site for the Koobface virus is Facebook. The worm appears in the form of a Christmas video which invites users to click on it and play it. If users play the video, they are then asked to complete a Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart) in three minutes. While the user struggles to complete the test, control of their PC is taken over by the virus and a new page replicated in their name. Malicious links are then sent from this page to friends on all social networking sites the user is logged into, and so the worm replicates. The only way to end the cycle is to complete the Captcha.

Other than the potential embarrassment of having links sent to friends in your name, and the huge headache of deworming your computer, the virus doesn't appear to be dangerous. However, there's always the worry that whoever released the worm is siphoning off personal information to use in future scams.

So, no e-cards this Christmas kids: get thee to a postbox.

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