Facebook and Twitter on XBox Live

Microsoft sure know how to soak their customers for every last penny they’ve got. Not content with not offering for free all the things that Sony do with the PS3 (WiFi connectivity, online gaming, rechargeable controller, HDMI cable, a Blu-Ray player), They’ve decided that their Facebook and Twitter application on Xbox Live will only be available to premium Gold members.

Why Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to incentivise people to pay for things they can get for free on their computer or on the PS3’s internal browser is beyond the minds of the DigitalEdge posse. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that we mugs continue to buy their products and keep them in comfy sofas and the like.

However the question remains, why doesn’t Microsoft add a version of Internet Explorer for the machine and rake in the enormous advertising profits that would inevitably come their way instead of charging a subscription to what is admittedly a brilliant service? As they say in Italy readers, ‘boh, non lo so.’

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