Fable IIII trailer released

Fans of the Fable series are no doubt already quite jazzed about the third edition of the series, the imaginatively-titled Fable III. As if the list of stars lending their voices to the action (including John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, Simon Pegg and Sir Ben Kingsley, among others) wasn’t enough, Lionhead studios have revealed that they’re planning big changes to the continent of Albion. None of which this new trailer gives us, but there you go. It’s still nice.

The plot, for those who don’t care about spoilers, centres on you being forced into becoming a revolutionary leader in a post-industrial revolution world and doing battle with a tyrant King, before eventually becoming the ruler yourself. So for once we will see the aftermath of the righteous battle against the forces of oppression, where you get to take control and do what you like to the people you now rule over.

This also appears to be the clearest attempt to make your actions in the game materially affect not just your story but the game world and the people who live within it: as well as your appearance changing with every good or bad action you take, areas you tax heavily will start to fall into disrepair, and now you can create your own weapons, which can also be bought and sold by other players online. Neat, no? The game comes out on 29 October on PC and Xbox 360, and we’re looking forward to it.

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