Fab - or fake?

See that? That's the next version of the iPod Touch. At least, it is if these 'leaked' photos to be believed.

The device in the snap may look a lot like the current iTouch, but there's a big difference - the button. A few months ago you might remember there were rumours the next iPhone would do without its home button. If you look closely you'll see the button on this iPod isn't a button at all, but a touch-sensitive capacitive area - a bit like the 'buttons' on newer Android phones. This has many thinking that this is what the button on the next iPhone will look like, allowing cool additional gestures - for example, you could swipe up and down in the button area to scroll without touching the screen.

While some are excited, though, others are calling 'nonsense.' 'It's almost definitely a fake,' says tech blog Gizmodo. 'The idea of a capacitive home button the iPod Touch seems like a ludicrous shakeup, something that would lead to an incredibly inconvenient user experience. So much accidental clickage! ... It would also eventually have to roll out to the iPhone... which would be a whole other disaster of hang-ups and such.'

Now, that's not exactly right: pressing the home button during a call doesn't hang you up, it just takes you to the home screen - but we're still inclined to agree with Gizmodo. A capacitive button might confuse regular folk more than it helps them. The iFamily may well lose its button, but only when Apple reckon they can make do with only on-screen controls.

Still, what do we know? Maybe that's the future, right there, and you're staring at it. What do you think?

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