Fab Friday

Shiny new gadgets: you wait for ages then two come along at once. It's a big day in tech-land, as both Apple's iPad 2 and Nintendo's 3DS go on sale in the UK.

Both are, of course, updates to existing products - Apple's iPad and Nintendo's DSi, itself an enhancement of the DS - but that doesn't mean demand for both is expected to be immense.

GAME Group said they had 50-100 people queuing up for the 3DS last night at each of its more than 400 stores. Apple are skipping the ritual of midnight queues and putting the iPad 2 on sale at 5pm, but there's already a bunch of people queueing up outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden this morning. Hardly surprising, given that because of shortages in stocks the first iPad 2's bought in the US were fetching tens of thousands of dollars on eBay.

Are you excited about either of these new-fangled devices? Or are your trusty laptop and Game Boy Advance good enough for you?

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