Ezio's return

Over the weekend E3 came to a close, taking with much gaming joy. But before we say goodbye totally to the industry’s premier event, we simply must show you these two gameplay videos, each from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The first explains how the ‘Wanted’ game in the online multiplayer works, and it’s pretty intriguing; you have to assassinate AI targets without any of the other human controlled assassins noticing you. If they do, then you need to hot foot it away from them, as they will be after you. Check out the foxy female voice as well. Very tidy.

The second video gives us an extended glimpse into what the single player campaign is going to be like. We pick the story up just after the end of AC2, with Ezio at his villa in Monteriggione, which comes under heavy attack from the papal forces and the hated Borgia family. We are shown how the plot takes us to Rome, and also how combat has been beefed up, with more aggressive AI enemies and more advanced moves available for our hero. Check out the use of Cannons and horse riding within city walls – it all looks very tasty. The game is released on 16 November, and we're almost begging for winter to arrive.

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