Eyes in the back of his head

Here at Digitaledge we cover some wacky stories, but if we had to name the craziest tale we've covered in 2010, we'd have to make a case for the, er case of Wafaa Bilal. You might recall Mr. Bilal was the American academic and artist who wanted to have a camera installed in the back of his head for an art project.

Well, he did it, and there's video.

Now the project has begun, the camera is snapping away once a minute, producing a live-updating wall of photos at, slightly randomly, the the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar. So those of you taking a trip to the Middle East in 2011, be sure to pop in and let us know what you find, yes? Alternatively, you can keep up with the images at his website. 3rdi.me.

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