Extremely angry bird

It’s always nice to have a good row break out in the game’s industry: mostly this is because it means there are loads of juicy quotes for us to pick up on and exploit, like the hungry news hounds we are.

Just take a look at this from Angry Birds head honcho Peter Vesterbacka, for instance. Not only does he take a big swipe at Microsoft and Nintendo, two of the gaming industry’s biggest giants, he does it after having them take pot shots at him. Here is slamming Nintendo’s claim that smartphones were killing the games industry:

‘It’s interesting to see people like Nintendo saying smartphones are destroying the games industry. Of course, if I was trying to sell $49 pieces of plastic to people then yes, I’d be worried too.’

Ouch, no punches pulled there. How about having a pop at Bill Gates’ mob, who he blames for Angry Birds not being on Xbox Live?

‘Is that our fault? No, that’s their problem. There is no reason why, when you do digital distribution on console, you couldn’t do frequent updates. It’s just a legacy way of thinking. If the consoles want to stay relevant they have to start mimicking what’s going on around them on app stores, smartphones and online.’

So what’s the lesson here? Well the first thing is that you don’t try and pick on a small developer unless you know you’re not going to get it rammed right back down your throat, and the second thing is that Vesterbacka is a dude. A dude with a cool name.

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