Exposed: email addresses of 114,000 iPad owners

Uh-oh. Apple whipped up a frenzy with its iPad, inviting the world to experience the 'magical, revolutionary' giant-sized iPod Touch, and millions cheerfully said 'OK, great!'

Now it seems some of those who queued up outside their local Apple Store to get their hands on one may regret it. A security cock-up by AT&T, the mobile network that provides data services for American iPads, means that the email addresses of 114,000 early iPad buyers may have been leaked to spammers. (The picture shows the stack of affected email addresses leaked, over 2000 pages long.)

The list of those affected includes movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. ('A call to Rahm Emmanuel's office was not returned,' Gawker notes mournfully.)

Because the fault is with the US carrier, UK early adopters should be safe. Will the breach be enough to stop the iPad's mammoth sales? Probably not...

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