Exploding iPods

We have to say, we’ve never really warmed to the iPod nano. And we’ve never understood why not. Yes, they’re unsettlingly small and fiddly – and a tiny bit too shiny – but they do their job and do it well. We really thought we were being unfair to the nano.

So it’s actually kind of nice to hear that they explode. Allegedly.

The Japanese government has ordered Apple to investigate after a nano (model MA099J/A, in case you’re wondering) shot out sparks while charging.

And this is not the first incident; they’re rumoured to have exploded across rooms, caused bedroom fires, and even set a man’s trousers ablaze.

This particular model is no longer produced, but there are unknown numbers in use and in shops around the world.

Most people are blaming the lithium ion batteries that have caused so many laptop fires in recent years. But we blame the nano itself.

What can we say? We’re just not keen..

(Image: from Andrew*’s flickr stream)

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