Check out no expiry mobile broadband

Looking to grab a mobile broadband package, but have no interest in going down the Pay as you go route? There's a world of choice out there when it comes to no expiry mobile broadband. Let's take a look at the best site for comparing the market.

If you point your browser towards http://www.broadband-expert.co.uk and click on their mobile broadband tab, you'll be brought to a page that will present you with a world of choice in mobile broadband dongles and offers. Which one is best though?

For us, you're going to need something with a generous limit, as even watching a few Youtube videos will rack up the data charges in no time. So, we're going to focus on products that offer 15 GB of data per month.

The cheapest one of these, is 3 Mobile Broadband's "Everyday Broadband 15 GB". This package is available for £15.99 per month, and you'll enjoy download speeds of up to 7.3 MB. The contract is for 24 months, with 15 GB data allowance per month.

To put that in perspective, that's around 20 full length features films you can download per month, so it will be quite hard to run that allowance down! while 24 months may seem slightly excessive as a contract period, it is the standard contract you'll have to sign to enjoy such a generous data allowance. If you don't want to commit that long, the site has plenty of other options to consider!

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