Expert calls for BT prosecution over Phorm trial

BT should be prosecuted for its 'illegal' trial of the Phorm system in 2006 according to one of the world's leading computer security researchers. The assessment was made by Dr Richard Clayton of the University of Cambridge after studying leaked BT documents regarding the trial of the controversial ad-serving technology.

Speaking to the BBC Dr Clayton said that BT 'illegally intercepted their customers web traffic and processed their personal data' and should be prosecuted accordingly. During the tests BT customers were served up with adverts which were targeted according to their browsing habits.

The whistle-blowing site Wikileaks has claimed that approximately 19m web pages were intercepted during the Phorm tests in 2006. However a spokesman for BT has stated that the company had sought professional advice on the legality of the trials and according to the BBC there could be more trials of the controversial system in the near future.

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