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So the World Cup is over for us battered, bruised and sunburnt Brits. All our tennis stars(?) are out and we've got nothing left to do with our long hot summer nights than...make some awesome cocktails and entertain our mates around the barbie!

You wouldn't believe the number of websites dedicted to our national pastime of drinking, so if you fancy an exotic tipple feast your eyes on these tastey little numbers.

iVillage's Sizzling Summer Sips will have you salivating and WebTwitcher will not take responsibility for lunchtime drinking if you add the Boston Cocktails RSS feed to your MIX. The Bar Mix Master also has a tantilising RSS feed you can add, with sneaky hints and tips on how to become a cocktail maestro. Before you know it you'll be running a bar with your pal and rolling around on a Caribbean beach with Elisabeth Shue...(of 'Cocktail' fame, for those who didn't think Tom Cruise was alive before Mission Impossible 1).

For a "cocktail a day to keep the doctor away" check out The National Bartenders Cocktail Recipes feed, which will send you a new idea every day. And if you don't do cocktails, watch this space for the lowdown on the best beer sites coming soon...


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