Exciting Xbox 360 news!!!!

Sometimes gaming news is so exciting that you need to sit down in a padded room with a helmet on just to make sure that you’re safe enough to handle the sheer thrill of it. Usually this is around the time of a new GTA release, or when a new gameplay trailer of a game you really want to play hits the webways. When it comes along it truly is a wonderful time to be a gamer.

Alas, this isn’t one of those occasions, and what’s more, you know that already. You’ve read the headline and the standfirst, right? It’s just a new controller for the Xbox 360, one that has been redesigned apparently with fighting game fans in mind. According to a mole who leaked the story earlier today, the d-pad will raise up a quarter of an inch when rotated through 90 degrees. How this helps fight game fans we’re not entirely sure, but they’re claiming it should help with combos.

‘The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Play & Charge Kit - with Transforming D-pad will be available beginning early 2011 in the UK,’ read a sandpaper dry press release. Try not to faint, eh?

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