Excited squeals!

Sod Twitter. Damn iPhoto. Bugger FaceTime. This is what the iPad was made for: full-screen, on-screen-control, high-speed Quake 3 Arena.

The second sequel to the sequel to Doom, the first first-person shooter (got that), Quake 3 shook up the world of FPS when it was released in 1999. Its graphics still look pretty good today, which makes it all the more amazing to see the game ported pretty well to the iPad.

It's unofficial, and so jailbreak-only. But if you've gone over to the dark side, this has to be worth hitting up Cydia for (for law-abiding types, Cydia is the app store for jailbreak-only iOS apps). Its on-screen controls apparently make it a doddle to play, and Bluetooth keyboard support is being worked out for a future release.

We're quaking with excitement....

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