Burn off that excess fat with an excercise bike

If you want to burn off the calories without paying for a gym membership, or enjoy cycling but don't want to brave congested and often dangerous roads, then an Exercise bike may be a wise purchase. Here's some of the most advanced exercise bikes on the market today.

The Kettler Lotus Recumbent Bike differs from the more commonplace exercise bike models in that users get to recline and sit back in an artificially cooled seat whilst exercising. This exercise bike features an infra-red heart monitor, 10 pre-set fitness programs, calories burned indicator, a back-lit LCD display screen and a high carbon steel frame. This is an easy to use, but state of the art machine, with an adjustable seat, handlebars with a soft, textured grip, not to mention a magnetic resistance system to provide a range of uphill and alternating terrain settings. With this bike you can feel like you are cycling up a steep hill and a minute later feel like you are careering down a rocky off-road course. The price for this high end bike starts from around £930 excluding delivery costs.

For a more traditional racing bike experience the Enduro 600 Trainer is a top of the range exercise bike that can offer a 66 pound flywheel and a heavy gauge steel frame for heavy-duty endurance cycling. This machine is well suited for intense exercise sessions and the heat-treated axle means it is a durable and reliable piece of equipment. Prices for this bike start from around £675 excluding delivery costs.

For a much cheaper option, while still maintaining that hi-tech edge, the Body Sculpture BC5350 Magentic Exercise Cycle is a good choice. This bike has a feedback display that can show miles cycled, top speed, calories burned as well as an integrated heart monitor. While not as heavy-duty as the Enduro model, this is still good for moderate exercise sessions. Prices for this budget exercise bike start from around £79.

If you are interested in purchasing an exercise bike but are not sure where else to start looking, bicycle specialists such as Halfords and Evans Cycles can offer advice, while gym equipment stockists or fitness stores will also have a wide range of exercise bikes for every budget.

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