The very best examples of smartphones

Looking for some great examples of smartphones? There are so many great smartphones on the market that the choice really is down to you. Here we have put together a list of what are generally considered to be the top three smartphones on the market.

1. Motorola Atrix 4G: The Motorola Atrix 4G has a gorgeous HD screen and runs Android applications smoothly on its more than capable dual core processor. The phone is slick and slim with a front facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera.

It has all the functionality you would hope from a smartphone but there are a few small issues - mainly the fact that there is no full HD resolution and you can't install third party apps.

2. HTC Arrive (Sprint): HTC are starting to become a bit of a threat to the iPhone dominated marketplace of late. People are really starting to want Android and the HTC Arrive is the best way to experience it. With a full QWERTY keypad and a slide out, tilting screen, this truly is a beautiful device.

As with most other smartphones though, the touch control feels a little clunky in comparison to the iPhone. This is a running issue for smartphones that aren't on IOS.

3. iPhone 4: With it's newly constructed body the iPhone 4 is easily the best creation from Apple to date. It is a hair slimmer and the volume rocker has been replaced with buttons. The screen is incredible on this machine - with a 960 x 640 pixel display, nothing else can compete.

The touch screen is beautifully fluid and thanks to the Apple A4 chip, multi tasking works perfectly. All of the little issues with earlier phones are slowly being worked out making this the best smartphone on the market today.

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