Wondering whether to invest in ex display mobile phones?

If you are looking to snag a serious bargain on your mobile phone, then why not consider checking out if you can pick up an ex display model? They don't pop up often, but when they do, these phones are often the latest model, heavily discounted because they have been out on the shop floor. Due to their heavy use, you aren't likely to get much of a guarantee, but the price will more than make up for that!

Due to the irregular nature of ex display mobile phones becoming available, there isn't really a site that specialises in them, more sites where the phones are likely to pop up when they do go on sale. The first of these sites we recommend you check out is www.loot.com. Loot is an online retailer that deals exclusively in refurbished and ex-display electronics, and it's a fantastic resource for snaring ex-display mobile phones when they do go on the market. It's well worth keeping a regular eye on it for bargains that may become available!

We have also found Gumtree to be a fantastic resource for picking up an ex display mobile phone. Simply search for ex display mobile phone and you will generally get back quite a few replies all at low prices. Obviously, if buying from another person we recommend taking the phone for an extensive test drive before purchasing. Do this by putting in your sim card and testing every function of the phone so you can avoid any potential rip offs.

IN a similar vein, you should also check www.ebay.co.uk for these phones too, as it can often turn up a bargain!


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