Everything Everywhere, but mostly on your high street

When Orange and T-Mobile merged last year, very little seemed to happen. The two brands continued to operate their own websites, talk plans and shops. They did fix it so users could use both networks' signals, to improve reception. But apart from that the merger didn't mean a whole lot to people.

But now that's starting to change. Everything Everywhere, the company that now owns Orange and T-Mobile, has announced it's rebranding all the UK's Orange and T-Mobile stores to the Everything Everywhere brand. The networks will still have separate talk plans, but the shops will sell both.

CNET aren't impressed. 'That's such a staggeringly stupid idea we can't believe it's real. The only possible explanation is that the T-Mobile and Orange bosses still don't know each other that well and meetings are still a bit weird and someone suggested this to break an awkward silence, and everyone just nodded politely even though they all know it's a really, really awful idea.'

That might be a bit harsh, but this does seem rather odd. Hopefully it's just a step in the direction of the company adopting a properly integrated network - though that could be years away.

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