Everyone sued

Ah, the forward march of progress. A few years ago, internet users spent their time illegally sharing music over Limewire, Napster and KazAa, and record companies spent their time frantically suing internet users to try to stop them. Now, much has changed: now, internet users spend their time illegally sharing movies over Bittorrent, and movie producers spend their time frantically suing internet users to stop them.

But never like this before. A year ago Voltage Pictures, the producers of the Oscar-winning Iraq film The Hurt Locker - starring Jeremy Renner, fact fans - sued 5000 internet users for illegally uploading the film over the file-sharing network-thingy Bittorrent.

Now, they've broadened the lawsuit - adding almost another 20,000 IP addresses - each probably corresponding to an individual. A total of 24,583 IP addresses are now covered, making this the biggest file-sharing lawsuit ever. Most of the IP addresses are in the US, and two of the big three American ISPs have given up the names of the users attached to the addresses, meaning 20,000 Americans are about to get very scary letters...

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