Everyone on Facebook now?

With its meteoric rise in popularity over the last six years since its inception, many users of the successful social networking site Facebook predicted that it would soon take over the world, expanding its franchise into every country and continent. However, the organisation could shortly be seeing its number of UK users registering on the site level out, as it reaches its saturation point on this side of the pond, Metro Online reports.

Statistics from web monitoring company Hitwise reported that currently, Facebook has around 26 million users. Though the organisation believes that the UK may not contribute any significant numbers of users to the site, creator Mark Zuckerberg has set his sights on the 1 billion mark and recently disclosed where he intends to broaden his company's horizon:

'Zuckerberg singled out Russia, Japan, China and Korea as the territories currently in his sights for Facebook-themed social networking domination.'

With Facebook currently the second most visited website in Britain, meglomania is just a small click away.

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