Even girls like it!

Now that you’ve had most of the weekend to get stuck into L.A. Noire, you can see that we weren’t backing a dud when we tipped it to be one of the games of the year. Part of what makes it such a involving experience is the variety of gameplay you indulge in, from calm, careful investigation to bloody shootouts. Just like how we imagine a real copper in 1940s Los Angeles. It has a very broad appeal.

Developer Team Bondi appear to agree, or at least their writer and director Brendan McNamara does: he seems to think that the game appeals to women, mostly based on a sexist stereotype that their crafty minds love trying to figure out whether someone is lying or not. What do you think, readers? Has your girlfriend barged your off the sofa to tell you that you need to look that lying little toerag up? Or are you - shock, horror - an actual female gamer yourself?

‘We think it appeals to a really broad church,’ McNamara said, ‘and one of the phenomenons (sic) we've seen a lot when we watch people play the game is that they'll play it, or their wife or their girlfriend will play it, and two or three people will play it together like they're watching TV.

‘Three people can be entertained playing the same game and that's a bit of a phenomenon. So far it's been very appealing to women too, which is great. I think women are pretty good at reading whether people are lying or not.’

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