What is the best eReader on the market?

eReaders have become increasingly popular in the last years, mainly because they give reading a completely new meaning. The ease of use and the incredibly large number of titles available for eReaders have transformed them in the bestselling gadgets of the moment. Here is a close look at some of the most popular eReader models.

Amazon Kindle 3

With its advanced e-ink technology, the Amazon Kindle is one of the best eReaders around. This eReader has a 6 inch screen size, which makes it extremely easy to be carried around. The e-ink technology allows you to enjoy the books just as you would do with traditional ones, even in powerful sunlight. The Amazon Kindle offers you access to a massive selection of over 750,000 books, magazines and newspapers. You can get all these in just under a minute by using the built-in Wi-Fi technology of the Amazon Kindle.

Nook Simple Touch Reader

Unlike the Amazon Kindle, the Nook Simple Touch Reader has a 6-inch touchscreen. Its e-ink Pearl technology allows users to read the text as clear and crisp as the printed ink. This eReader is very thin and it only weighs 7.48 inches. The battery life of the Nook Simple Touch Reader is very long, as you can read for up to two months without the need to recharge it.

Sony Reader Touch Edition

This is another touchscreen ereader that has room for more than 1,200 books. The touchscreen allows you to navigate quickly through your collection of ebooks and to turn the pages effortlessly. The reader features 12 built-in dictionaries and you just need to double-tap a word to learn its meaning.

Owning an eReader seems like an indispensable thing today. The trend seems set to continue, and already we have noticed that many books are currently released only in electronic format. Fortunately, with the large number of models available on the market, you can choose the perfect eReader for your budget and reading needs.

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