Save big money on Epson SX 125 ink

As much as we all love the convenience of having our own printers these days, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that despite the fact that printers have reduced massively in cost over the past few years, ink remains as pricey as ever, with heavy users often forking out on ink multiple times a month.

This obviously isn't a sustainable practice, and it often leads to people becoming unhappy towards the manufacturer of their printer for their high ink prices. However you can save yourself big money when buying Epson SX 125 ink online, often at a fraction of the regular retail price of ink available in the increasingly overpriced high streets of the United Kingdom.

In local stores, it can cost as much as £34.99 for a multipack of ink for the Epson SX 125, one of the most popular budget printers around today, and while that might not sound like a huge amount when compared to many other ink costs, it all adds up over the course of a few months, or even years, so nobody could blame you for wanting to cut the costs a little.

By buying online at stinkyink.com you can get an official original Epson multipack of black, cyan, magenta and yellow inks for just £29.62, which represents quite a saving on paper. However you can save even more if you are willing to go for third party ink cartridges. Although every printer's manual contains a warning that you should only use licensed cartridges, we've never come across any problems from using third party ones, and have absolutely no problem recommending them to you - especially since you can pick up a multipack for just £17.99 at Stinky Ink.

With savings of as much as 50% on regular prices you'd be crazy not to hit the web for all your printing needs!

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