Epson Stylus SX425W wireless multifunction inkjet printer review

For those looking for an affordable multifunction printer, the Epson Stylus sx425w wireless multifunction inkjet printer is one of the better choices. An all-in-one copier, scanner and printer, it provides some welcome extra features to enhance the user's experience and provide quality results which can easily rival many printers which are twice as expensive.

The Epson Stylus sx425w wireless multifunction inkjet printer is easy to install, although you will need to use the USB cable connection when installing it for the first time. After that, you can use the printer wirelessly whenever you want. The printer also provides a memory card reader and a USB port for plugging in a USB flash drive. You can use the built-in software, configurable through a small colour screen on the printer, to print directly from any inserted media.

Ink for the sx425w is expensive, although there are now compatible cartridges available which are typically less than half the price. Be aware, however, that you will invalidate your warranty by using any consumables which are not made by Epson.

One of the cheapest places to buy this printer brand new is Amazon.co.uk. Costing only 49.98, the printer is far cheaper than it is on many other online shops. There are various delivery options, including the free Amazon Super Saver delivery. PCworld.co.uk and related store chains, Currys and Dixons also sell the printer cheaply, with prices being as low as £47.

Both genuine and compatible ink cartridges for the sx425w are available at Amazon.co.uk and many other sites including the official Epson online store.


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