A detailed look at Epson R285 printers

There is only one Epson R285 printer, specifically The Epson Stylus Photo R285. Currently available direct from Epson.co.uk at £71.48, this puts them firmly in the territory of mid range printers.

They support Epson 'Claria' photographic ink, which supposedly offers better looking and longer lasting photo prints than a high street lab, and while that's debatable the results are certainly impressive. They use individual inks for each colour, which means that when one colour runs out you can change that without having to change all the others, thereby allowing them to be more cost and ink efficient than many printers.

Epson R285 Printers also allow you to print directly to CD's and DVD's, and print from memory cards without the use of a computer. Additionally, they meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines of the European Commission, by minimising electricity usage.

They support Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Mac 10.2.8 or later, however they are not currently compatible with Windows 7. They include 1 years warranty as standard, with an optional extension to three years.

Most importantly they come very well reviewed from both consumers and critics, and work well as both document printers and photo printers. Although no match for most high end printers, you'll be hard pushed to find something better for the price. The only other consideration to make is that they're not currently supported by Windows 7 and there's no guarantee that they ever will be, making them unsuitable for those who either currently use it or plan to upgrade any time soon.

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