Enter the PadFone

Every now and then an electronics company comes up with a product that... well, that it's not entirely clear why it exists. Tiny full-fledged Windows computers were one such fad. And we think Asus might have just started another.

Let's say you want a smartphone and a tablet, right? But you don't want to be able to use them separately, or to be able to take a phone call when you're using your tablet? What you'd really like is for your tablet to only work when you plug your phone into it. Well then, the PadFone is for you.

We'll let Asus explain their, erm, thinking in this snazzy video:

What do you think - is the PadFone the answer to your tablet needs? We suppose if it's very cheap - adding, say, less than £100 to the cost of the phone - it could be a budget way of getting in on the tablet lark. But the touchscreen is a big part of the cost of any tablet, so we doubt they'll be able to get it that cheap. We'll know more about pricing soon.

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