Enough with the groceries already. Give us gizmos!

Shopping update: OK, you can forget your weekly shop. Who cares about bread and water when there is Roboraptor, desk missile launcher and sing sing prison food tray to be bought? If it's gadgets, gizmos and crazy stuff you like...(cue trumpet sound)...Firebox.com now has an RSS feed (yay!) to keep you up to date with the grown up man toys you can get your hands on. Portable beer bellies, Star Wars Lightsabers, adult Twister...you name it, they got it. Add their feed to your MIX for daily inspiration on how to spend your hard earned cash.

If you've never been exposed to the world of I Want One of Those then you're about to waste your working day browsing through perhaps one of the best shopping sites ever invented. Doesn't have an RSS feed yet, but you can bet it will be a service they'll be adding soon. In the meantime start writing your Xmas list.

Keeping up to date with the latest gadget and gizmo reviews on your MIX has also just got easier. T3, our favourite gadget mag, now has an RSS feed of its top news, which will keep you informed on what's new in the gadget underworld.


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