England lack lustre as Portugal looms

With Beckham pushing England kicking and screaming into the quarter finals, a dark cloud looms on the horizon in the form of Portugal. After taking a beating 2 years ago from the very same team, England fans could be forgiven for the familiar sense of doom that's started to lurk among the loyal supporters.

But, on the up side, there's always the Peter Crouch card left to play, and what other team could stand a chance against a man whose slick dance floor moves would have any southern European team running for cover. If you've been in Alaska for the past month and haven't yet seen the delights of the Crouch Bot, check out the man's moves on YouTube

If you need minute by minute updates of Wayne Rooney's progress and performance you could do a lot worse than taking a look at the Wayne Rooney 8 blog.

Adding the Blog FC feed will give you regular and insightful posts on all things world cup related and Cheer Up Alan Shearer also has some good comment to read while we look for things to pass the time till Saturday.


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