End of an Era

First there were websites, and then there were blogs, and then there was Blogger. The free, simple blog site transformed the internet when it launched in 1999, letting anyone set up an easily-updated website without spending money or having any technical knowledge.

Since then, Blogger has remained the world's biggest blog site, and one of the world's biggest sites overall. But it might be about to disappear.

You see, since 2003 Blogger has been owned by a little search-engine called Google. You might have heard of them. And according to a report on the social-media site Mashable, Google is set to abolish the Blogger name and rebrand the service 'Google Blogs' later this year.

And that's not all - the photo service Picasa is also expected to be renamed, to 'Google Photos'. That's less surprising, given that the service isn't that well known. But Blogger is a very big site indeed to rename.

It seems it's all part of the general tidying-up that Google's carrying out right now. It recently introduced a new look for Gmail that makes it look more like the rest of its services. But will it confuse users? And will YouTube be next?

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