Need Help on Emoji Pop?

Emoji Pop has become one of the sensations of the mobile game world in 2013. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, it has taken over from previous mobile game leaders Angry Birds and Doodle Jump. We have searched out the most helpful places to go in case you are stuck for an answer.

Ask the Right Question and You Will get the Right Answer

The key to the success of Emoji Pop is how simple and fun it is resulting in pure addiction for fans and players. The games tagline is "Test Your Creativity and Guess What the Combination of Emohi's Represent" but this can prove a lot easier said than done in a lot of the levels. On the back of this, a number of dedicated websites have sprung up on the web with their whole purpose being to help lovers of the game solve the most difficult levels.

One such website, emojipopanswers.com, breaks down the combinations found in every level and offers solutions free of charge. There is also a great little section where Emoji Pop lovers can interact with eachother to offer little clues rather than straight out answers if you prefer not to get the answer without a little work. There is even a search window where you can input the level you are looking to solve and the site will take you straight to the answer you seek.

Another helpful site for when you get stuck infinitely on a certain level is Cool Apps Man. Level answers are provided on this site for free along with a handy comment section at the end of each level for discussion of the emoji's. Visit coolappsman.com/emoji-pop-answers-cheats/ to access the Emoji Pop section.

Visit the Official Facebook Page

You can also get more enjoyment from your Emoji Pop app by regularly visiting the official Facebook page. With over 38,000 likes there are daily Emoji Pop puzzles to ponder over with fellow Emoji Pop enthusiasts. Check out www.facebook.com/emojipop and see if you can solve even more challenging levels.

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