Emily: the most realistic CGI character ever made

3D animation company, Image Metrics, have brought a smile to the face of misanthropic film directors the world over thanks to the most realistic CGI character ever seen. Christened 'Emily', the computer generated female was created using an innovative modelling technique to capture the facial movements of a real life actress.

American actress Emily O'Brien was photographed making 35 different facial expressions and then filmed using computer vision technology to create the CGI Emily. It is being hailed as the first time that a computer generated character has successfully avoided 'uncanny valley', i.e. when animated characters seem less realistic the closer they come to resembling actual humans.

Does it spell the end for our Hollywood heroes and mean yet even more 'actors' working as waiters in the local greasy-spoon? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, George Lucas will be getting a digital chubby on at the idea.

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