Three emerging tech companies to watch out for in 2013

Start-up tech companies are the lifeblood of the tech industry. High-growth emerging tech companies, in particular, are the foundation of new, cutting-edge innovations and inventions in the tech industry globally. But, which are the most promising emerging tech companies to look out for in 2013 and the years that follow?

Promising emerging tech companies

There are many tech companies to look out for in 2013. According to reports by organisations like Lux Research, some of the most promising emerging tech companies expected to breakthrough in 2013 and become big brands in coming years include:

1. EOS

EOS is a burgeoning, German tech company that focuses on providing advanced materials in the sprouting 3D printing space. The company boasts a diverse team of savvy employees backed by a long list of development partners, which has propelled the company to become a leader in the 3D printing space. Among its most notable products are enhanced raw material input powders designed for use with high tech laser sintering tools.

2. Oxford Pharmascience

Oxford Pharmascience shows great promise and exciting possibilities in the formulation and delivery of oral medicine. The company’s use of innovative technology to manipulate properties like viscosity and taste of medications make the oral delivery of medicines less frightening and painful for people. The company’s Calcium supplements have particularly helped the company hit the ground running in the emerging tech space.

3. Cambrios Technologies

Cambrios Technologies has cut itself a niche in the sustainable printed and organic electronics field. The company makes impressive nanowire-based transparent conductive films to replace indium tin oxide for different applications, including touchscreen application.

The Huawei Ascend was the company’s first commercial product released in partnership with Synaptics and Nissha Printing that turned out to be a huge success. It points to what we can expect from the inspiring company in future.

More tech companies to look out for

Other tech emerging tech companies to look out for in 2013 include Solazyme – an advanced fermentation company that is aligning itself to compete in commodity fuels and chemicals; and, Azzurro Semiconductors – a German firm that makes semiconductors used to make LEDs and power electronics.

The future of the tech industry is indeed very bright with these and other emerging tech companies expected to break through in 2013 and become world tech players in the near future.

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