Email spam doubles in a year

Do you represent a recently overthrown dictatorship in Africa and/or Asia? Are you having trouble getting your money out of the country and looking for someone who can rest a spare $30 million in their bank account in exchange for a small commission? Perhaps you’ve thoughtlessly emigrated to a hot country and need help to repatriate your dog?

Well, you’re in good company. A new report estimates that email spam has doubled in the last year, with more than 120 billion spam messages sent every day worldwide – more than 20 for everyone on the planet. The report – funnily enough, from anti-spam and anti-virus company IronPort – says that spam is also getting more dangerous, with more than 83 per cent of spam in 2007 containing links to servers that could download unauthorised software onto your machine.

(Image: from Max (Tj)'s flickr stream)

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