Email fraudsters send in the puppies

Apparently greed isn’t working as a motivator, so a new variation on the Nigerian 419 email is targeting our weakness for schmaltz. The scam claims to be from a missionary couple with an ickle baby Yorkshire Terrier, who have “noticed that the African weather is not good for her health”.

As a result, so the lie continues, they are trying to get their poor mutt adopted. At some point this will obviously involve you handing over your bank details, a large sum of money, and probably the keys to your house if you’ve gone this far.

In the made-up nonsense, “Evelyn Wilson” claims that “I and my Husband are on a christain [sic] mission (Crusade) to AFRICA,” the well-known country. Or continent. Or whatever. Let’s hope they’re not teaching geography – or literacy for that matter.

(Image: from cloneofsnake’s Flickr stream)

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