Consumer electronics comparing LCD television with plasma

If you are considering purchasing a TV then you will no doubt have noticed along with the hundreds of brand names vying for your attension there is also the little matter of choosing what type of TV to go for.

With LCD and Plasma as the two front runners in consumer electronics, television plasma or LCD is naturally the question on everyones mind.

While all TVs will of course have a HD standard that they are marketed with, be that 1080p or 1080i but this is not the only thing to consider. Plasama TVs have a better picture quality in dark or subdued lighting. Night time viewing or in a home setting with low lighting often the Plasma TV will out perform the LCD TV and give a clearer and more crisp image.

Often now with the use of HDMI ports TVs are being used as monitors for computers, this is where the LCD TV comes into its own. With no flicker or screen burn the LCD TV is the only choice. If you are planning to use your TV with your laptop or computer then the only sensible choice is to buy an LCD TV.

Fast moving images such as sports or action films will occasionly leave a blur on the screen and while Plasma TVs handle this well the technology that LCD TVs used to combat this can result in flicker and lag that can be picked up by most human eyes. Once again the Plasma out performs the LCD TV.

With cost and build quality varying greatly between TV manufacturers one should always do background research but do not shy away from Plasma TVs when considering your new purchase.

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