The future is here now with this outstanding electric one wheel bike

Are you looking for a new gadget to gazump your friends with? Those boffins in Japan have come up with yet another crazy contraption, and if you see one out and about in the UK, you'll remember it for a long time! What we're talking about is the electric one wheel bike, and believe it or not, it looks set to take the world by storm!

The Solowheel, to give it it's proper title, is the latest take on electric powered personal transport, and it's perhaps the kookiest we've seen thus far. The wheel carries on board a punchy 1,000 watt electric motor and futuristic gyrospcopic controls, making it akin to a minimalistic Segway. One thing is for sure, it looks fun!

To drive this contraption, all you need to do is put it on the ground, flip down the foot platforms and step on board. You simply lean forward to go and lean back to slow down. It's super intuitive, with turning done by leaning side to side. There's only one wheel, so there's no need for a steering mechanism, but don't worry, it all becomes second nature before you've face planted the pavement too many times!

Half of the fun of the Solowheel is the inevitable scrapes you'll get into as you learn, so it's perfect for some group chuckles with your friends. Just don't try and ride it after a few drinks! It's not yet for sale, but it's set to reach these shores in time for Christmas, so keep a look out for this year's must have wacky gizmo.

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