Electric fires from Fentons

When it comes to electric fires, Fentons are highly regarded. They are an Irish based company that sell some of the very best electrical fires. Their sleek modern design coupled with the realistic heat that they emit makes them a favourite in Irish homes.

Another great feature that Fentons offer are their range in styles. Generally when you see an electrical fire style this is run through their whole collection. With Fentons this simply isn't the case. Regardless of whether you are looking for modern, traditional or even retro they have you covered. This means that they really do offer something for every taste.

The best way to get an idea of what Fentons offer is by checking out their website. Point your browser in the direction of 'Fenton Fires' and you will find their website.

We found the best offering to be the Flamerite Fires Manhattan suite fire. This electric fire will fit beautifully with just about any decor so if you are unsure of what will suit your house, the Manhattan suite is the answer.

This is a floor standing fire so there is inset required. It comes with its very own multifunction remote control with dimmer and a manual overide control panel. It has a 1000W/2000W heat selection to ensure that your family is kept warm through the winter. If you just like the look of the fire you can always use the 'flame without heat' setting to light up the room without heating.

This is a stunning fireplace and can be very easily installed. It starts for around €700 and it really will suit just about any room. It is one the best electric fires that Fentons have to offer - check them out for yourself and see what else catches your eye.

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