Electric car travels across America

Back in May a group of Brits from Imperial College London calling themselves Racing Green Endurance set off on their bid to take a Radical SR8 racing car down the Pan-American Highway, from Northern Alaska down to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina – the southern tip of Latin America. There was a catch, however: they had stripped the rapid racing car of its internal combustion engine and replaced it with two Axial Flux electric motors. This doubled the car’s weight and decreased its range to a maximum of 300 miles, which given that the distance between the two points was 16,000 miles meant that they were in for a long old journey.

The gang have only just completely the trip, nearly six months later, averaging at a puny 186 miles a day. However, given that the car was meant only for track riding and they had to go through desert, jungle and rain storms, we think that it can be called something of a success for the electric car. No?

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