Where to buy electric blankets in Ireland

Wondering whether an electric blanket is for you? Concerns about heating bills or danger shouldn't enter your mind when sizing up an electric blanket as they use an extremely low amount of power to operate, and they conform to the highest European and International Safety standards.

With winters in Ireland seeming to be getting worse, an electric blanket would make a fantastic investment as there's little better than getting into a toasty bed on a horrid winter night. Electric Blankets can safely be used to warm up your bed before you get into it. A standard underblanket may take 60-90 minutes to warm up the bed depending on it's size.

A new technology has been launched in the last couple of years which speeds up this process though. Look out for electric blankets that have "Fast Heat Technology" as these will be able to warm your bed in about ten minutes.

A lot of people incorrectly think that electric blankets can't be washed. This is simply incorrect. Most blankets have controls that detach from the unit, allowing them to be safely machine washed and tumble dried, allowing you to keep them clean and fresh.

Most blankets have adjustable heat settings, allowing you to pre warm your bed, then lower the temperature when you're actually in it. Most modern blankets will also be fitted with a temperature gauge which will automatically turn off the unit if it exceeds a stated temperature, so you can remain safe and comfortable without giving it any thought.

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