We take a look at Electric Bikes Scotland

As anyone who has bought an electric bike in Scotland in the last few years will no doubt know, there's only one ticket in town when it comes to the best service, unbeatable prices and knowledgeable staff, and that's Electric Bikes Scotland. Since they were established in Dundee many years ago, Electric Bikes Scotland have become the go to company for all electric bike needs, and thanks to their brand new website, they have expanded their reach globally.

As a catch all company, Electric Bikes Scotland offer great deals for not only domestic customers, but also for commercial and trade based clients. Their current product list includes a wide range of powercycles, electric bikes, lawnmowers from established companies including Honda, Hayter, Stihl Lawnmowers and Westwood, as well as power tools from huge brands like Paslode and DeWalt, marking them out as one of the most versatile companies in the market right now.

On their new website at electricbikesscotland.co.uk you'll be able to find a huge range of products on offer, as well as some really great information about electric bikes and why you should choose one over a regular bicycle, such as the fact that electric bikes are now available through the Government's tax free Cycle to Work Scheme, enabling you to save up to fifty per cent on the cost of a brand new electric bike.

Electric Bikes Scotland have a wide range of stylish and contemporary looking electric bikes, so you needn't worry about looking a little out of place riding the ugly contraptions that many associate with electric bikes. With models including the 905se Sport, the classic 705se and the 905eco you've got plenty to choose from, so pop on over to the site and take a look today.

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