Types of Electric Bike Sales in the UK

Electric bikes are an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to a car or motorbike. Due to the cost of rising gas prices, many consumers are finding that electric bikes not only save money, but also, can be a lot of fun. Learn about various types of electric bikes that are produced and sold in the United Kingdom.

Schwinn Tailwind

The Schwinn Tailwind is priced at £629.79. You can purchase this electric bike online from the Electric Bikes Shop. This bike features a battery that charges in 30 minutes. The bike can go for over 20 miles without recharge. The bike has an aluminium frame. The Schwinn drive train features a 38t ring crank shaft. The wheels have Shimano Nexus hubs. The electric motor is positioned in the front. This electric bike also features an adjustable cushioned seat for a comfortable ride.


Gocycle is an electric bicycle that is manufactured and distributed in the United Kingdom. The company behind the bike is called Karbon Kinetics Limited. The company was launched in 2002. The Gocycle is made using a magnesium alloy for the wheels and frame. It is the first electric bike in history to be created using this type of alloy and injection molding process. The bike features an electric power boost button. This button generates extra power when going uphill, through traffic or into the wind. Riders can reach speeds up to 15 mph. The bike can last for over 20 miles and the charge lasts for 3 hours. A unique feature of the bike is that it weighs only 16.2 kilograms. The Gocycle won the Gold Award in 2009 at the Eurobike show. People will find these electric bike sales UK in demand in the future.

iZip Santa Cruz Folding Bike

Customers can purchase the iZip Santa Cruz through the online retail site, Leisure Outlet, in the United Kingdom. Leisure Outlet offers brand name outdoor products. The iZip Santa Cruz is featured within their cycling product line. Customers can get this electric bike for £989.95. The bike has an alloy frame. A unique feature of this bike is that it can be folded. This can save space when travelling and carrying the bike. The iZip has 20 inch alloy wheels. There are 7 mechanisms for speed control. The bike features a plastic mud guard, 36 volt battery and charger system. The bike can go up to 30 miles before being recharged. Not only does the bike feature an electric motor, but also, the bike offers Pedal Assist. This is useful if the motor goes out and you are in need of a recharge.

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