What to Use to Put Out Elctric Fires

There are various types of fires. Not all fires can be put out using water. There are specific methods and tools for putting out certain kinds of fires. For example, electric fires are the type that you should not use water to extinguish it. Fire extinguishers are classified according to the types of fire they can combat. Learn what to do in order to combat elctric fires.


Electric fires can happen in a variety of ways. Typical causes of this kind of fire are due to faulty electrical wiring, a blown circuit, or overheated electrical equipment. It is recommended that if you have electrical cords and wiring that are worn out, replace them with new ones. Other causes of electrical fires are when flammable materials are placed near electrical outlets or appliances. Additional instances could happen when lighting strikes an electrical appliance in your home. It is recommended to unplug electrical appliances during lighting storms.

Class C Fires

In the case of an electrical fire, contact your local firefighters. It is always best to call in the professionals. Never throw water on elctric fires. The flames would rapidly spread and cause more damage. Only use a water based extinguisher on a Class A fire. These are fires that have been caused by combustible materials such as wood, plastics and paper.

A Class C fire is one that involves electrical equipment. This electric type of fire is classified using a C classification because the agent used to extinguish the fire is non-conductive. There are two types of extinguishers used when putting out an electric fire, dry chemical extinguisher and carbon dioxide extinguisher.

Dry Chemical Extinguisher

The dry chemical extinguisher is pressurized using nitrogen and the tank is filled with powder or foam. For Class B and C fires, the extinguisher is filled with potassium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate. The other type of dry chemical extinguisher is for all three classes of fires. This extinguisher is filled with monoammonium phosphate. This is a yellow powder. When using these types of extinguishers, ensure to clear the residue once the fireis put out to reduce damage to the item. The residue can cause corrosion to appliances.

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

This type of extinguisher is used on Class B and Class C fires. The extinguisher is filled with carbon dioxide. It is contained as a pressurized, non-flammable gas. This is the best solution to use on electrical appliances or computers.




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