It's one of the publishing - and movie - sensations of the decade, but the Harry Potter book series has been strictly dead-tree-based - until now. The e-reader revolution seemed to have passed Harry, Ron and Hermione by. But now word has come from Hogwarts that the series will be electronified this autumn.

The books will be made available through Google's e-bookstore, but in a format that can also be played on Amazon's Kindle, apparently. (We're not totally convinced that's possible, if the publishers want to use copy protection, so we reckon the Kindle version will be hosted by Amazon. But, anyway.)

Why now? It's all part of author JK Rowling's social-media assault. The e-book release will form part of Pottermore, the Harry-related social network launching next year. Apparently users will only be able to download the book through the site, regardless of who's hosting it.

This could prove the biggest e-book launch in history as millions of young 'uns take the opportunity to re-learn the series. And it could be great news for Google's eBooks app for phones and tablets, which will be the easiest place to read the books without a dedicated e-reader. That's bad news for Apple's rival iBooks.

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